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April 17, 2024
Bonus: Beyond the Buzz: Real Stories of DEI Impact in Higher Education

Bonus: Beyond the Buzz: Real Stories of DEI Impact in Higher Education

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About the Episode

About the Episode: This special cross-over episode features clips from Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO, Talking Tactics, and The Application with Allison Turcio. These discussions highlight the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education marketing. Through these carefully selected clips from several podcasts within The Enrollify Network, this episode illuminates the multifaceted approach needed to authentically represent and engage a diverse student body.

Key takeaways include:

  1. The Importance of Diverse Leadership and Marketing: An engaging story from Jaime Hunt and Kevin Tyler reveals the impact of having openly gay and black leaders in higher education. This segment underscores the pivotal role diverse leadership plays in shaping inclusive marketing strategies and fostering an environment where all students feel represented.
  2. Amplifying Voices through Authentic Stories: Dayana Kibilds and Mikki Collins delve into how the University of Chichester's podcast initiative succeeded in significantly boosting social media engagement by sharing real, unfiltered stories from minority and underrepresented groups. This discussion highlights the power of authentic narratives in enhancing a university's reach and its commitment to DEI.
  3. Accessibility as a DEI Pillar in Digital Marketing: The conversation between Allison Tucio and Raman Bhalla explores the often-overlooked aspect of DEI - web accessibility. It offers practical insights into how a systematic approach to making digital content accessible can serve as a form of advocacy for inclusivity, demonstrating the crucial role marketers play in ensuring all students have equal access to information.

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People in this episode


Allison Turcio, Ed.D., is Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Siena College and host of The Application.

Jaime Hunt is the Founder of Solve Higher Ed Marketing, a consulting firm, and is the host of Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO.

Dayana is strategy director at Ologie and host of Talking Tactics.


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