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June 21, 2024
Episode #7: What’s Next for Online Program Management (OPM) Partnerships?

What’s Next for Online Program Management (OPM) Partnerships?

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About the Episode

About the Episode: In this episode, we are talking about a hot topic: OPMs, or online program management companies, and what they provide to universities. ​​California Lutheran University partnered with an OPM, AllCampus, to launch 12 new online graduate and undergraduate programs, aimed at expanding access to flexible, affordable higher education. This strategic collaboration focuses on enhancing online offerings with support in instructional design, student services, and technology from a private company.  This partnership is led by Tom Hoener, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management at Cal Lutheran, and he joins me now to share his insights.

Guest Name/Title/Employer: Tom Hoener, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, California Lutheran University

About the Podcast: Embrace the future of higher education with Mastering the Next. Dr. Ray Lutzky takes you on a journey through the dynamic intersection of student recruitment and leading-edge technology, uncovering the next big trends in strategic enrollment management and the innovations that are transforming the academic landscape.

Whether it’s exploring AI-driven enrollment strategies, navigating the challenges of online learning platforms, or discussing the unique needs of non-traditional students, Mastering the Next is your go-to resource for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving world of higher ed.

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Dr. Ray Lutzky

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People in this episode


Dr. Ray Lutzky is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Element451 and the host of Mastering the Next.


Tom Hoener

Tom Hoener has spent the last twenty-plus years as a senior higher education administrator with broad experience.

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