Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO

Host Jaime Hunt engages in candid and insightful conversations with leading minds in the field, exploring not just the nuts and bolts of marketing, but also the diverse and often unexpected challenges and stories that define higher education marketing.

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Dr. Belinda Mouradian

Dr. Mouradian started her career in clinical health practice at local hospitals in South Florida. She then transitioned to higher education in 2009 and worked as an adjunct, then moved to a tenured faculty position, and later became the Nuclear Medicine Program Director. Dr. Mouradian revised the entire curriculum and successfully brought the program to receive initial programmatic accreditation as well as significantly improving the licensure pass rate to 100% on first attempt. Dr. Mouradian became extremely interested in heightening her involvement with the accreditation process and became an ABHES evaluator in her early years of teaching in higher education. ABHES has been an instrumental part of her life as she has gained an immeasurable wealth of knowledge through the robust visits she has participated in for almost 10 years to date. After receiving tenure and working as faculty for nearly a decade, Dr. Mouradian moved into administrative roles as the District Director for Instructional Design and the Associate Dean for Health Sciences. She served as a Master Quality Matters Reviewer and a faculty facilitator where she avidly worked with training faculty on how to use the learning management system as well as how to transition courses to various instructional deliveries. Dr. Mouradian holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, a Master of Science Degree in Higher Education with a focus in online instruction. She currently holds a district administrative position overseeing all allied health science programs across five campuses at Palm Beach State College.

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